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Sarah Tolbert, Ph.D.

Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, Physical Chemistry
Member, NanoElectronics, Photonics, Architectonics, NanoMechanical and Nanofluidic Systems, California NanoSystems Institute
Researcher, Inorganic, Nanoscience and Materials, Physical

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1995 -
B.S., Yale University, 1990

Academic Experience:
1995 - 1997 NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Santa Barbara

Professional Societies:
Materials Research Society
American Chemical Society

Contact Information:
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Laboratory Address: Young Hall 4107
Mail Code: 156905
Work Address: Young Hall 3045A
Mail Code: 156905
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Fax Number: (310) 206-4038
Lab Number: 1 (310) 794-6618
Work Phone Number: 1 (310) 206-4767
Technical Research Interest:

Research in the Tolbert group is focused on controlling nanometer-scale architecture in solution-processed nanomaterials to generate unique optical, electronic, magnetic, structural, and electrochemical properties. Her group specifically focuses on four main areas, including (1) self-assembling organic materials for application in solar energy harvesting, (2) optimizing nanoscale architecture for performance in electrochemical energy storage, (3) nanomagnetics and magnetoelectric composites, and (4) new ultra-hard materials.

Patents and Patent Applications:
  • “Ordered Vertically Oriented Porous Inorganic Films Produced through Solution Processing.” E.K. Richman and S.H. Tolbert. United States Patent Application No. 11/449465, filed June 8, 2006. Issued 2013.

  • "Novel Synthesis and Applications of Nanoporous and Nanocomposite Piezoelectric, Magnetic and Multiferroic Materials Produced through Solution Phase Processing." Van Hoang Le, Torsten Brezesinski, Thomas E. Quickel, Robert A. Senter, Vijay Gupta, Ajey Jacob, Sarah H. Tolbert. United States Patent application No. 12/412,953, filed March 27, 2009.

  • "Photovoltaic Devices Including Self-Assembling Fullerene Derivatives For Improved Efficiencies." Sarah H. Tolbert, Benjamin J. Schwartz, Yves Rubin, Merissa Halim, Christopher T. Day, Darcy Wanger, Christopher J. Tassone, , Alexander L. Ayzner, and Robert Kennedy. United States Patent application No. 12/419,936, filed April 7, 2009.

  • "Rhenium Boride Compounds and Uses Thereof." Richard B. Kaner, Sarah H. Tolbert, Abby Kavner, Jenn-Ming Yang, Michelle B. Weinberger, Robert W. Cumberland, John J. Gilman, Hsiu-Ying Chung, Jonathan B. Levine. United States Patent application No. 12/423,949, filed on April 15, 2009. Issued 2013.

  • “Mesoporous Nanocrystalline Film Architecture For Capacitive Storage Devices.” Bruce S Dunn, Sarah H Tolbert, John Wang, Torsten Brezesinski. International Patent Application Serial No. PCT/US10/20572, filed on January 10, 2010. “Lithium Ion Batteries Based on Nanoporous Silicon.” Eric J. Nemanick, Chris B.-H. Kang, Sarah H. Tolbert. United States Provisional Patent application No. 61/352,263, filed on June 7, 2010.

  • "Solution Processable Inorganic Ordered Vertically Oriented Porous Films." E.K. Richman and S.H. Tolbert. United States Provisional Patent Application No. 60/688615, Filed June 8, 2005.

  • Continuation in Part to "Polarized-Light Emitting Films and Methods for Producing the Same." H. Miyata, S.H. Tolbert, W.C. Molenkamp, B.J. Schwartz, and I. Martini. United States Patent Application 11/103600, Filed April 12, 2005.

  • "Polarized-Light Emitting Films and Methods for Producing the Same." H. Miyata, S.H. Tolbert, W.C. Molenkamp. United States Patent Application No. 10/623561, Filed July 22, 2003.

Additional Information:

In addition to her research work, Tolbert also directs the CNSI high school nanoscience program aimed at bringing related nano-concepts to high school students in the greater LA area. Professor Tolbert is the recipient of a number of awards including the Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award, a National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Award, a Beckman Young Investigator Award, and a Sloan Foundation Research Fellowship.

Selected Publications:

Brezesinski K, Haetge J, Wang J, Mascotto S, Reitz C, Rein A, Tolbert SH, Perlich J, Dunn B, Brezesinski T, Ordered mesoporous ?-Fe2O3 (hematite) thin-film electrodes for application in high rate rechargeable lithium batteries, Small, 2011, 7 (3), 407-14.
Torsten Brezesinski, John Wang, Robert Senter, Kirstin Brezesinski, Bruce Dunn and Sarah H. Tolbert, On the Correlation between Mechanical Flexibility, Nanoscale Structure, and Charge Storage in Periodic Mesoporous CeO2 Thin Films, ACS Nano, 2010, 4 (2), 967-77.
Quickel TE, Le VH, Brezesinski T, Tolbert SH, On the correlation between nanoscale structure and magnetic properties in ordered mesoporous cobalt ferrite (CoFe2O4) thin films, Nano Lett, 2010, 10 (8), 2982-8.
Torsten Brezesinski, John Wang, Sarah H. Tolbert & Bruce Dunn, Ordered Mesoporous α-MoO3 with Iso-Oriented Nanocrystalline Grains for Next Generation Thin Film Pseudocapacitors, Nature Materials, 2010, 9, 146 - 151.
Brezesinski, K., Wang, J., Haetge, J., Reitz, C., Steinmueller, S.O., Tolbert, S.H., Smarsly, B.M., Dunn, B. and Brezesinski, T., Pseudocapacitive Contributions to Charge Storage in Highly Ordered Mesoporous Group V Transition Metal Oxides with Iso-Oriented Layered Nanocrystalline Domains, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2010, 132 (20), 6982-90.
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