California NanoSystems Institute
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Kang Ting, D.M.Sc.

Member and Professor and Chair of the Section of Orthodontics, Division of Associated Clinical Specialities, California NanoSystems Institute

D.M.Sc., Harvard School of Dental Medicine, 1994

Contact Information:
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Office Address: UCLA School Of Dentistry
Section of Orthodontics
10833 Le conte Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90095
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Work Phone Number: (310) 206-6305
Technical Research Interest:

We have a multidisciplinary core team in the area of tissue engineering from Bioengineering, Department of Orthoepdic Surgery, department of Surgery, and the School of Dentistry – Drs. Ben Wu, Chia Soo, and myself. One of the main projects currently funded by the Department of Defense is the „Combining Osteoinductive and Antimicrobial Therapies to Improve Healing of Contaminated/ Infected Segmental Long Bone Defects“. In this project, we investigate the combinatorial effect of nanao silver particles and our novel growth factor in 3D scaffold to regenerate bone. Another ongoing project is supported by the UC Discovery to examine effect of a novel growth factor we identified in cartilage regeneration utilizing nano-size hydroxyapatite coated scaffold. We also in the process of trying to utilize the EM in CNSI to study the structure of this novel pgrowth factor in order to predict the functional domains.

Selected Publications:

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