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Xing Zhang, Ph.D.

Technical Director, Electron Imaging Center for NanoMachines (EICN)

B.S., Sichuan University, China, 1993
Ph.D., Purdue University, 2005
M.S., BLEM, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1996

Contact Information:
Work Email Address:
Mailing Address: 570 Westwood Plaza
Building 114, MC 722710
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Work Phone Number: 310-983-1257

Selected Publications:

Zhang, X.; Jin, L.; Fang, Q.; Hui, W.; Zhou, Z.H., 3.3 Å Cryo-EM Structure of a Nonenveloped Virus Reveals a Priming Mechanism for Cell Entry, Cell, 2010, 141 (3), 472-82.
Zhang X, Boyce M, Bhattacharya B, Zhang X, Schein S, Roy P, Zhou ZH, Bluetongue virus coat protein VP2 contains sialic acid-binding domains, and VP5 resembles enveloped virus fusion proteins, PNAS, 2010, 107 (14), 6292-7.
Zhang X, Zhang X, Zhou ZH, Low Cost, High Performance GPU Computing Solution for Atomic Resolution CryoEM Single-Particle Reconstruction, J Struct Biol, 2010, 172 (3), 400-6.
Chen, J; Settembre, E; Aoki, S; Zhang, X; Bellamy, A; Dormitzer, P; Harrison, S; Grigorieff, N., Molecular interactions in rotavirus assembly and uncoating seen by high-resolution cryo-EM, PNAS, 2009, 106 (26), 10644-8.
Zhang X, Settembre E, Xu C, Dormitzer PR, Bellamy R, Harrison SC, Grigorieff N, Near-atomic resolution using electron cryo-microscopy and single particle reconstruction, PNAS, 2008, 105 (6), 1867-72.
Ji Y, Marinescu DC, Zhang W, Zhang X, Yan X, Baker TS, A model-based parallel origin and orientation refinement algorithm for cryoTEM and its application to the study of virus structures, J Struct Biol, 2006, 154 (1), 1-19.
Zhang X, Ji Y, Zhang L, Harrison SC, Marinescu DC, Nibert ML, Baker TS, Features of reovirus outer capsid protein mu1 revealed by electron cryomicroscopy and image reconstruction of the virion at 7.0 Angstrom resolution, Structure, 2005, 13 (10), 1545-57.
Zhang X, Tang J, Walker SB, O'Hara D, Nibert ML, Duncan R, Baker TS, Structure of avian orthoreovirus virion by electron cryomicroscopy and image reconstruction, Virology, 2005, 343 (1), 25-35.
Kong Y.; Zhang X.; Baker T. S.; Ma J, A Structural-informatics Approach for Tracing b-sheets: Building Pseudo-Ca-traces for b-strands in Intermediate-Resolution Density Maps, J. Mol. Biol, 2004, 339 (1), 117-30.
Amy L. Odegard, Kartik Chandran, Xing Zhang, John S. L. Parker, Timothy S. Baker, and Max L. Nibert, Putative Autocleavage of Outer Capsid Protein μ1, Allowing Release of Myristoylated Peptide μ1N during Particle Uncoating, Is Critical for Cell Entry by Reovirus, J Virol, 2004, 78 (16), 8732-45.
Zhang, X.; Walker, S. B.; Chipman, P. R., Nibert, M. L., Baker, T. S. , Reovirus polymerase 3 localized by cryo-electron microscopy of virions at a resolution of 7.6 Å, Nature Structural Biology, 2003, 10 (12), 1011-8.
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Luongo CL, Zhang X, Walker SB, Chen Y, Broering TJ, Farsetta DL, Bowman VD, Baker TS, Nibert ML, Loss of activities for mRNA synthesis accompanies loss of lambda2 spikes from reovirus cores: an effect of lambda2 on lambda1 shell structure, Virology, 2002, 296 (1), 24-38.
Kim, J.; Zhang, X.; Centonze, V. E., Bowman, V. D., Noble, S., Baker, T. S., Nibert, M. L. , The hydrophilic amino-terminal arm of reovirus core shell protein lambda1 is dispensable for particle assembly, J Virol, 2002, 76 (23), 12211-22.