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Raphael Levine, Ph.D.

Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Molecular & Medical Pharmacology
Member, Biochemistry, Biophysics & Structural Biology GPB Home Area, California NanoSystems Institute, JCCC Signal Transduction and Therapeutics Program Area, Molecular Pharmacology GPB Home Area

Ph.D., Nottingham University, 1962 - 1964

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Mailing Address: Department of Chemistry
607 Charles E. Young Drive East
mail code 951569
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Work Address: Geology 3608A
Work Phone Number: 310-206-0476 Work
Research Interests:

Levine tries to understand what makes chemical reactions go. To do so he often seeks to view the reaction on the most highly resolved level, that of the actual molecules undergoing the change. As the starting materials evolve into the products, how do the atoms move, what energetic constraints operate and are there any steric requirements. Levine is a theorist but he does attempts to find out what are the concerns of his experimental colleagues. Currently the systems he studies are larger than before and he is able to explore further away from equilibrium. One line of such activity is chemistry under extreme conditions, work for which he was selected for the McCoy Award of the UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. His most recent book, Molecular Reaction Dynamics (Cambridge University Press, 2005) provides more details. Recently he is also concerned with processes that occur simultaneously on several electronic states (so called, the breakdown of the Born-Oppenheimer approximation). Dr. Levine's research methods include molecular dynamics simulations and quantum mechanical methods. Often he seeks a more compact description. For this, methodologies based on information theory and on algebraic quantum mechanics are useful. In particular, they provide methods of data reduction (e.g., surprisal analysis) that can also be used in a predictive model. He prefers models that emphasize key aspects of the problem and allow for a simple conceptual picture of the dynamics as much as exact numerical simulations. He also indulges in examining more long range issues such as his recent activities in making a single molecule act as a computing machine.

Additional Information:

Detailed biographies have been published in Molecular Physics, volume 106 issue #2 (2008) and in the Israel Journal of Chemistry, volume 47, issue #1 (2007). An older biography can be found in the Journal of Physical Chemistry, volume 102, issue #47 (1998).

Selected Publications:

F. Remacle, Nataly Kravchenko-Balasha, Alexander Levitzki, and R. D. Levine, Information-theoretic analysis of phenotype changes in early stages of carcinogenesis, PNAS, 2010, 107 (22), 10324-9.
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